Getting Started

Step 1: Register and create an account with Fresh Local Healthy. Though we ask you to input your credit card number, registration is 100% free.

Step 2: Select the Category that you would like to order from. Keep in mind, you will have the chance to try several restaurants and caterers over the course of your membership with Fresh Local Healthy.

Step 3: Select your meal plan. Choose from a combination of options that range from one meal a day Monday through Friday, to three meals a day Monday through Friday. If you are a busy person, set your order to recurring and take the worry out of meal preparation. 

Step 4: Select any add-on products such as snacks, coffee, or one of our sale items.

Step 5: Schedule your delivery dates. You can schedule as far in advance as you wish and can make changes to your scheduled deliveries at any point before the cut off date and time(Thursdays at Noon). Any item in your cart after the cut off time will be delivered the following Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We start new customer deliveries on Mondays.

Step 6: Place a cooler or ice chest on your doorstep so that we can keep your meals in "ready to eat" condition. Check your doorstep for your food on the scheduled delivery date.

Step 7: Eat up!

Step 8: Leave a review on Yelp or Facebook and get awesome swag.

If you find that your meal has a "Facebook Five" sticker on it, post a picture of your meal to your feed and tag Fresh Local Healthy, and we will give you five dollars off of your next order!