Get to Know Your Chefs' Style

This page is dedicated to a visual menu of our popular Chef's Choice Menu design concept. The Chef's Choice Menu allows our suppliers to create their favorite recipes for you to enjoy as you sample their creativity in your weekly meal plan. This design ensures that our customers experience a variety of flavor profiles, never growing tired of eating from the same location.

From Ready Chef Go:

RCG has been with Fresh Local Healthy the longest and thus their menu shows the years of carefully listening to customer feedback towards improving their meal plans. Variety through use of  seasonal ingredients paired with a knack for combing the perfect carbohydrate, protein, and vegetable ratios makes RCG an excellent choice for ensuring that you eat clean meals that taste as delicious as they are fresh. These meals are VERY fresh.

From Beatniks:

Beatniks does things a little differently. With a blend of new school flavor and old school funk, these folks know how to treat you to the tasty meals you deserve. Known as a breakfast joint, Beatniks is now proud to serve delecasen of the Supper and Dinner variety as well. Don't leave out one of their carefully crafted salads as a filling mid day meal that will keep you moving through your busy day. Consistently improving their seasonal selection, Beatniks exceeds the expectation of our new customers and faithful followers alike. 


From Roots:

Roots specializes in our MacroMeals by ensuring that you get your nutrition from a variety of flavor profiles that speaks to the true nature of our "Chef's Choice" menu design. It is truly a joy to walk to the front door to find these meals waiting for you! The Itialian Styles are robust and filling, the Spanish Styles feel authentic and filling, while the American Styles that are delivered are perfectly prepared for you to reheat and enjoy. WE love Roots!

From Green Paradise:

"Fresh" barely covers the description of meals from Green Paradise. A third generation love for serving nutritiously concious, heartfully sourced meals can be tasted in every bite when you have a plate of Green Paradise sitting in front of you. You will be pleasantly suprised at the difference between meals from Green Paradise and our other vendors. Lite and yet filling, Green Paradise serves up a heaping helping of locally sourced greens and vegetables for you to enjoy.


From Bacio: