Frequently Asked Questions

Our delivery drivers wake up early so that your meals are delivered by 7am on the scheduled delivery dates.

Place a cooler on your door step the evening prior to your delivery.

All orders can be edited until Thursday at 12:00 pm, cancellations can be processed until that time. 

We are not able to accomodate food allergy substitutions at the time, however, please feel free to contact customer service for more information.

• There are several videos on our facebook page that show how to reheat the meals using a saucepan on a stovetop. Those are the best way to see the meals reheated and to learn the method in which we heat the meals up. 
• In the microwave, reheat for "about" two minutes. Microwaves vary in power, so we recommend starting with two minutes and heating it for longer if the meal is not hot enough for your personal tastes.

Not always, the sauce comes on the side so that you can decide how much of the sauce you would like to use. In some meals, it is prudent to heat the sauce on the meal, on others it is best to keep the sauce in the container and dip your bite in to ensure that you get the amount of sauce on each bite that you enjoy.

Meals are delivered in a package so that they can be easily transportable. What you get in the package is the full scope of the meal. Most meals are balanced to include healthy vegetables and greens for you to enjoy.

Thursdays at noon for the following Monday delivery.

• We recommend you place the cooler on the doorstep the night before your delivery. If you can't do this for any reason, contact us and we will set up a specialized routine to ensure that we get our bags back and you get your meals delivered in temperature controlled bags.
• There is a cooler deposit to ensure that you don't rack up bags and give them to all of your friends!

Not at this time. If you have a recommendation, please introduce us!

Give us a call at 530-781-2639 and we will reset it for you. We will ask you a question or two about your account in order to prove its you, so be prepared to answer a quick question.

Of course! Enjoy Breakfast from one vendor and Lunch and Dinner from another while getting your snacks from another! We will compile your order and make sure it is complete upon delivery.

At this time we do not accept custom orders. If you try a vendor and they use the ingredient that you do not like or have an allergy to, try a different vendor. 

No, order as many items as you wish for the week, there will be only one delivery charge.


Should you have any questions during your meal order process, please contact our customer service at (530) 781-2639