About Us


We are Fresh Local Healthy, a group of health enthusiasts that lead fun, adventurous lives that require quality, conveneint fuel sources. We are dreamers who dream of connecting our "foodie" customers with culinary experts in our local community:

  • Owner/Chief Operations Manager: Scott Amick
  • Customer Account Manager: Jenna Tubbs
  • Delivery Driver: Jared Geiser

Here it is, plain and simple: we deliver healthy meal plans that are freshly prepared by local experts that source their ingredients with a high standard of quality.

Chico, California

Fresh Local Healthy has been delivering healthy meals since 2012. 

Our lives can get complicated, eating well shouldn't be. Fresh Local Healthy makes it simple and convenient to eat great food at a reasonable price. Saving time and money is as simple as setting your recurring order in our software. Set it and forget it, your meals will be at your doorstep when you wake up. Alternatively, sometimes it's nice to take a break from  grocery runs and making  well rounded meals for the family, so alternating weeks on our delivery meal plans may be just what you need to mix it up.

Using state of the art software, Fresh Local Healthy connects you directly with local suppliers(Chef's, restaurants, and farmers). We have created and conciously maintain quality relationships with local experts in order to ensure the highest quality ingredients, products, and meals arrive at your doorstep on-time and ready to eat. Our drivers are hand selected for their attention to detail and rock solid dependability so that YOU don't have to make rush trips to the crowded super stores and grocery stores. 

About our Vendors and Suppliers:

They can tell their story much better than we can. Here are links to our Vendors Select Home Pages:


Bacio To-Go


Beatniks Restaurant

ready chef go

Ready Chef Go Catering