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You are one step closer to enjoying Fresh, Local, Healthy meals delivered conveneintly to your doorstep!


Here are a few ways that Fresh Local Healthy is going to change your life and the world around you:

NO more trips to the busy grocery stores. We deliver before the sun comes up.

NO more dishes. Eat straight from our recyclable containers.

NO more throwing away food you couldn't eat. Only order the meals you can eat.

NO more confusing health labels. Our nutritional experts have pre-screened the ingredients.

NO more portion control concerns. Based on a 2000 calorie diet, we weigh and measure for you.

NO more packaging waste. Everything we deliver is either recycleable or biodegradeable. 

NO more unhealthy trips to fast food restaurants. Your healthy meals will be with when you leave the house.

NO more rushing around at lunch hour to find a meal. Let your co-workers stand in line during their lunch.

NO more waiting in line. Seriously.

SAVE up to 24 hours a week in shopping, meal preparation, and clean-up.

SAVE precious natural resources and reduce waste.

SAVE your peace of mind. Fresh, Local, Healthy meals are at your fingertips!

SUPPORT local farmers.

SUPPORT local restaurants.

Now go choose your meal plan and enjoy!

The Fresh Local Healthy Team